The Swedish asset manager CB Fonder continues to pioneer in environmental and ethical investments. Now, the company has reached another milestone by exclusively offering funds classified as Article 9.

As of June 14th, CB European Quality Fund is classified as an Article 9 fund according to the EU’s Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR). This classification entails the strictest reporting requirements for ethics and the environment, which is a clear testament to the company’s long-term commitment to ethical and environmentally friendly investments.

The portfolio managers at CB Fonder have been working within an ethical framework for more than 25 years and have focused on environmental investments for over 15 years. This long-term commitment has provided experience and insight into how ethics, the environment, and profitability can best be combined. For example, CB European Quality Fund ranks 14th on five-year returns and fourth on one-year returns out of 94 European funds on the Avanza platform in SEK. Among European funds classified as Article 9, CB European Quality Fund has the second highest return over five years and the highest over one year, out of the eight Article 9 European funds.

“The classification of CB European Quality Fund as an Article 9 fund is proof of our long-term commitment to successfully combining ethics, the environment, and profitability. It is an important milestone that confirms our position as a pioneer in ethical and environmental investments,” says Alexander Jansson.

This experience and commitment to ethics and the environment has been in place within the company decades before the introduction of Article 8 and Article 9 classifications. Transitioning from Article 8 to Article 9 has not required any changes in the investment process or existing holdings of CB European Quality Fund. The investment process and framework remain unchanged, allowing investors to continue relying on the same high-quality ethical, active, and long-term management as before.

“CB European Quality Fund’s transition to an Article 9 fund demonstrates that our focus on ethics and the environment is not a trend, but an integral part of our investment philosophy. We continue to focus on delivering high and competitive risk-adjusted returns within the framework of our clear ethical and environmental guidelines,” says Alexander Jansson.

CB European Quality Fund is the fourth best European fund over one year, out of 94 European funds

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