Our portfolio manager, CEO, and partner Alexander Jansson appeared on Börsmorgon this morning with hosts Madeleine Lundberg and Alexander Klaar, along with Dagens Industri’s analyst Magnus Dagel. During the episode, Alexander shared insights on some of the most current topics in the financial market. Börsmorgon features discussions and analyses about the latest happenings on the stock market, market developments, and the latest trends in various sectors – and today’s episode was no exception.

Alexander and Magnus Dagel discussed the following topics this morning:

  • Real Estate Companies: A comprehensive analysis of current trends in the real estate sector, including market dynamics and future prospects.
  • Automotive Industry: Volkswagen’s investment in budget electric cars with a planned launch in 2027. The discussion also covered the second-hand market for electric cars and price developments, with interesting comparisons to the flat-screen TV market in 2004.
  • The Fed and Interest Rates: A review of what it means for the market when the Fed keeps interest rates higher for longer than usual. Alexander provided historical examples and discussed the potential effects on the market.

For the full picture and more insights, watch the entire episode here. (In Swedish)

All investments involve risk. Historical performance is never a guarantee of future returns. Unit prices and values can both increase and decrease, and an investment can be lost. This is not financial advice.