Read the June monthly reports below:

Our European fund invests in Europe’s foremost quality companies, while our environmental fund focuses on world’s best environmental companies, that addresses global environmental challenges. In our latest monthly reports, you will find updates on the latest developments.

CB European Quality Fund invests in large quality companies within mature industries. These companies should have a proven business model and be protected by high barriers to entry, with strong management that has historically delivered value. Our companies are market leaders with strong products and solid balance sheets, experiencing stable and structural profit growth regardless of the economic cycle.

CB Save Earth Fund invests in high-quality growth companies that address global environmental issues through innovation and new technology. These companies are leading the way in greener energy, addressing urgent water issues such as clean water, and working towards long-term environmental improvements.

We follow strict investment criteria, which serve as our compass in choosing which companies to invest in. Transparency and clarity are central to our decision-making. We don’t invest in weapons, alcohol, tobacco, fossil fuels, or similar areas. Our commitment to ethical investments is part of our core.

Our goal is to deliver high and competitive risk-adjusted returns. We achieve this by building a portfolio with lower risk that performs better during drawdowns compared to our benchmark index.